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Films Femmes Mediterranee 14th Encounters This year’s encounters are offering you a shower of stars

With emotion, humour, depth and generosity, they shed light on the troubled region of the Mediterranean shores. The film-makers whose short and feature films have been selected open up a path of light between these peoples that wars, poverty and obscurantism tend to lock up in darkness. Present time archives that are made up of come and go between past and present, chronicles of Abyssinia and Italian colonialism in Pagine Nascoste or fragments of life in Paris Stalingrad and Chaos. Political, family or personal stories telling about so many women’s fights for dignity and liberty, from Freedom Fields to Papicha, Pearl, Viaje, de Cendres et de Braises, or FilmmakErs to Merveilles à Montfermeil. The latter, Jeanne Balibar’s first feature film, will be pre-released on the opening night of our 2019 Encounters at the Mucem. Among others, these films testify that the challenge will be picked up by the rising stars of women’s Mediterranean cinema: they are the heirs of a handful of women trailblazers, some of whom will be paid tribute to. We will thus walk in the steps of Claire Denis through her chosen settings and allow the cheeky sensitivity of Agnès Varda and the life strength of Jocelyne Saab’s Dunia to sweep us away. This year, once again, let the sparkling stars of the Mediterranean cinema light our skies! 

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