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Founded in 2006 in Marseille, the Association FILMS FEMMES MÉDITERRANÉE is a unique venue in Europe. The yearly encounters in October bring together women filmmakers from around the Mediterranean.

Our aim is the discovery of new and confirmed talents. 

This year our 19 th edition (30 November to 6 December 2024) remains faithful to our goal from the very start : support the cinema from a region open to the world. It’s a demanding cinema full of energies, should it deal with drama or comedy, with intimacy or history in movement. 

We also organise a professional workshop in order to select women film projects and make them meet producers from the the shores of the Mediterranean sea. 

Since 2017 we have been setting up cultural mediation on cinema with young people, prisoners, women victims of violence and other type of public who aren't used to going to the cinema.   .

Films Femmes Méditerranee's raison d'être

Ever since its creation, the association FFM has been promoting the cinema of women directors from the Mediterranean sea region.

Celebrating FILMS

Defending the cinema as an art, as a phenomenon, as well as a source of togetherness is in line with our mission of transmission and share.

Films made by WOMEN

Despite the involvement in recent years of actresses and female directors denouncing sexism in the film industry, women remain under-represented in all the sectors of film creation and production. Indeed everything is more difficult for women: project development; smaller film budgets; lower salaries; a shorter range of subjects and film genres, together with more confidential promotion and distribution of their work.

MEDITERRANEAN women filmmakers

Our association's headquarters in Marseille, the cosmopolitan historic port of the south of France, gives meaning to this choice.

The situation of filmmakers in the southern Mediterranean is becoming ever more uncertain, what with the conflicts in the region, the nature of some political regimes and the underlying influence of conservative, even obscurantist, currents.



All our actions are meant to keep on fighting for equality and freedom: we campaign for the acceptance of differences and against all forms of discrimination and exclusion, whether related to gender or sexual orientation, to ethnic or social origin, or to religion.

We are committed to promoting the place and recognition of Mediterranean women directors and to highlighting the diversity of their work. We particularly enjoy shedding light on daring women film-makers, their cinematographic language and the subject matter they tackle.

We endeavour to help with creation, by allowing emerging female directors to introduce their new film projects to producers during a whole day of professional meetings (Pro Day).

We help the public (re)discover women's cinematographic heritage through retrospectives designed as tributes to outstanding women film-makers.

We bring together women film-makers and audiences through our yearly Encounters and actions carried out throughout the year, hoping to make these films accessible to as many people as possible, particularly focusing on young people and "estranged" audiences.

To make women's cinema exist in the public space, we operate via partnerships with arthouse cinemas, associations and public and private institutions, in Marseille but also "outside the walls" of the city in other towns of the Provence-Côte d'Azur region, and abroad through invitations and "cartes blanches" from other festivals or institutions

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